Our Services

Administrative and Management Support

  • Annual Board Meetings
  • Property Inspections
  • Maintenance of Property
  • Emergency Service
  • Bids and Quotations
  • Annual Management Reports
  • Homeowners Communication

Bookkeeping Services

  • Monthly Reports
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income and Expense Statement
    • Collection Report
    • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Collections
  • Bank Accounts
  • Account Signatures
  • Check Writing
  • Deposits
  • Disbursements
  • Emergency Disbursements
  • Assist in Audit/Income Tax Preparation
  • Reserve Accounts


  • Collect monthly/quarterly/annual assessments and any special assessments from each owner
  • Assist Board of Directors in creating policy for late payment penalties, collection procedures, and ultimately determine necessary liens and foreclosures.
  • Perform late assessment policy and if need be, turn over all lien and foreclosure matters to Association’s legal council for final collection

Association and Owner Communications

  • Assist in the preparation of notices and other general correspondence directed to all homeowners when required.

Personnel Management

  • Manage all personnel hired by the association involved with maintenance related functions.
  • Ensure individuals hold proper licensing if required and are to perform assigned functions.


  • Assist Board in obtaining property, liability, D&O
  • Reduce exposure through risk management, eliminating or mitigating hazards, regulatory compliance, and properly maintain common elements.
  • In case of emergencies, take all necessary steps to mitigate further damages to common property.
  • Assist appraisers, adjusters, and contactors in post disaster cleanup and possible re-construction.